Fishing for pike is its own exciting sport. These fierce fighters, often called “freshwater sharks,” put up a tough battle that makes each catch a little triumph. If you enjoy action-packed fishing showdowns, you’re in for a great time.

To boost your chances of a successful catch, you want to make sure you pack a few essential pike lures in your tackle box. The next step is choosing the right ones, but what should you consider when selecting a lure for pike fishing? Which types should you try first, and which colors work best?

Let’s dive into our expert recommendation for the finest pike lures you can use!


When it comes to the best pike lures, don’t miss chatterbaits. They’re similar to spinnerbaits but have a lip on the front, making them bounce off rocks and plants. They can handle obstacles even better than spinnerbaits, giving them an edge in certain spots. They also dive a bit deeper.

You can usually fish both chatterbaits and spinnerbaits in the same places, though it’s a matter of personal preference. For colors, go with white, chartreuse, black, or blue. Just tie a chatterbait to your line like you would with any lure.

When you’re on the water, adjust your fishing technique for pike and this specific lure. Go for a slightly slower retrieve speed compared to a spinnerbait. This lets your lure bounce off rocks, creating noise that attracts pike and maximizes the chatterbait’s effectiveness.


Jerkbaits are a popular choice among anglers. These hard baits imitate small fish and come in various sizes, weights, and colors. But are they among the best lures for pike? We think so. 

They’re easy to use, whether you’re trolling or casting. They also have multiple hooks which increases your chances of catching a pike.

That said, make sure to avoid using jerkbaits in areas with lots of plants, as they can get stuck. Technique-wise, jerk the lure with short motions and take breaks.

When it comes to presentation, keep it simple: just tie your jerkbait to your line, no need for soft plastic or worms. The lure itself is attractive to pike, especially in colors like “clown,” orange, “yellow perch,” or white.


Spinnerbaits are a reliable choice for pike fishing. These spinning lures create strong vibrations and flashes of light that attract these big fish. If we had to pick just one lure, a spinnerbait would likely be our choice. After all, it combines spoons and a skirt which contribute to a higher rate of success. 

It’s also easy to use, even in tricky areas with lots of plants.

For colors, stick to something “classic”: white or chartreuse (yellow), or a mix of both to resemble a yellow perch, one of pike’s favorite prey. You don’t need a special setup either. All you have to do is just tie your spinnerbait to your line.


Another excellent option for pike fishing is swimbaits. We highly recommend these soft baits for several reasons. 

For starters, swimbaits navigate well through vegetation and have a lifelike swimming action. Their smooth, realistic movement makes them perfect for the freshwater shark.

We also suggest choosing swimbaits in pink, white (“green pumpkin”), or natural colors like chartreuse as they can trigger an aggressive response in pike. When using swimbaits as pike lures, you have a couple of rigging options:

  • The Texas rig, which is weedless and lets the lure move through underwater plants,
  • A rig with a 1/4 to 3/8-ounce lead head to keep the setup from being too heavy.

In terms of technique, go for a slow approach, though you can speed up the retrieve slightly if you want. 

Hopefully, this selection of bait can help increase your chances of a successful catch.

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