The Best Equipment Choices for an Epic Muskie Catch


Often referred to as the “fish of a thousand casts,” the muskellunge, or muskie, is a sought-after catch for fishermen in Quebec and Ontario. Whether you’re fishing there or elsewhere, it’s important to have the right gear for catching and safely releasing muskie.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the best equipment you can use to catch a muskie.

Muskies like to surprise their food with quick bursts of speed and strength. This means you need strong gear to handle these big fish as using weak gear can make muskie fishing frustrating. 

Muskie Rod

You’ll definitely need a strong and sturdy rod for muskie fishing. Many experienced muskie fishermen prefer long rods, usually at least eight feet long. A long rod helps you cast farther, not get tired when you throw heavy bait all day, and gives you more control when you’re battling a muskie. 

A few good recommendations are St. Croix’s Mojo and Premier Musky Baitcasting rods, as well as Okuma’s Psycho Stick.

Muskie Reel

For your reel, the Daiwa Lexa WN is a solid choice. You want a reel that can handle heavy baits and strong muskies. It should have a big spool to hold lots of fishing lines and be able to pull hard with at least 15 pounds of force. 

Many fishermen also like a reel that can bring in line quickly, like a gear ratio of 7.1:1 or higher. This helps when you’re pulling in your bait, setting the hook, and fighting a fish.

The Daiwa Lexa WN and the Komodo SS are two examples of reels made for muskie fishing. If you do a lot of trolling, you might want to get a good trolling reel that shows how much line you’ve let out.

Muskie Line and Leaders

The line you use should be strong and not stretch too much. A good choice is PowerPro, and you should use a line that’s 80 to 100 pounds in strength. 

After that, connect the line to a sturdy wire or fluorocarbon leader that’s also at least 100 pounds. This helps stop the muskie’s sharp teeth from cutting your line.

By using the right gear like this, you’ll have a better chance of catching muskie and having a great time on the water.

Catching muskellunge can be quite a challenge, and chances to reel in these elusive creatures may not come often. Equip yourself with the appropriate gear, and you’ll be fully ready to make the most of the moment when a hefty muskie bites your bait.

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