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    Canada's Policy for Conservation of Wild Pacific Salmon
    This policy represents the culmination of five years of consultations with Canadians concerned about the protection of Pacific salmon. It will usher in a significant new approach to the conservation of one of Canada’s most valuable and cherished resources – wild Pacific salmon.Type: Download
    Canada's oceans Action Plan
    Canada's Oceans Action Plan For Present and Future GenerationsType: Download
    Catch-22: Report on Fisheries
    An economic, social and ecological impact study on the conservation, communities and the privatization of B.C. fisheries.Type: Download
    Fisheries Science and Management: A handbook for Canadian Fish harvesters
    The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) is moving towards more co-management, co-research, and “shared stewardship” with fish harvesters. People in the fisheries will play a bigger part in running them.Type: Mail Order
    Managing the Fishing Enterprise 2

    This is the second installment of a home guide to help you manage a successful and profitable fishing enterprise.

    This CD cover:

    Type: Mail Order
    Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries
    Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries - written by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsType: Download
    Canadian Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing Operations
    Canadian Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing OperationsType: Download
    Saulnier Supreme Court Decision
    Saulnier Supreme Court DecisionType: Download
    Fishing Master IV Distance Learning Program
    This distance learning program is aimed at helping fish harvesters acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully challenge Transport Canada's Fishing Master IV certification examination. This training program is a "blended" training approach.Type: Mail Order
    Stewards of the Sea

    Stewards of the Sea is a two-part self-learning tool that can also be used as support material for industry workshops. This tool is provided by CCPFH and is devised to assist fish harvesters in developing effective, sustainable fishing practices.

    Type: Mail Order