Essential Skills Modules

Below you will find a brief description of the modules found in the Essential Skills program. You can download the complete version of the modules through our Library.

Module 1: Landing Quality Groundfish – improving problem solving, decision-making, job task planning, organizing, and memory use and finding information

This modules uses a fish-handling course to help guide you through the key essential skills for the module. Some of the skills to be acquired from this module are:

  • Reading to remember ,interpreting information and applying knowledge
  • Identifying causes of problems, developing strategies, and evaluating solutions to solve a problem
  • Reading graphs, analyzing data and interpreting diagrams and tables
  • Participating in group discussions and problem solving in a group setting

This course is better used with a PowerPoint presentation, which you can download from the Library section at the same time as the module, and the video Quality Groundfish from Ship to Shore is available from the Nova Scotia Fisheries.

Module 2: Get Connected! - how to use computers

This module is on how to make use of computers, email and websites. More specifically, the goals of the course modules will be:

  • Familiarization with various uses of computers and electronic communications
  • Upgrading basic skills in setting up a personal computer, choosing and installing software, getting connected to the internet and doing basic communications
  • By the end of the course, having the ability to use the internet to communicate with peers and with industry organizations and to participate in further training activities through electronic communications

Module 3: Charting the Course! – using math for the fishery

The purpose of this module is the development of skills necessary to apply mathematical operations and problem solving techniques to fishing industry situations and tasks. It will help develop:

  • The use of whole numbers, fractions and percentages
  • The knowledge of calculators and mathematical applications
  • The relevance of math skills to mapping and navigational equipment

Module 4:Marine Emergency Duties – preparing for the marine emergency duties course

Improvement to language skills is the module’s most basic objective, one that is critical to the development of literacy. Some of the other goals include:

  • Increasing the rate of reading speed and understanding
  • Increasing the ability to spell well
  • Increasing confidence when speaking in groups
  • Building confidence of harvesters so that they can succeed in future training programs such as the Marine Emergency Duties Course

Essential Skills Guide: a handbook for fish harvester trainers

CCPFH developed the guide to explain to trainers and fish harvesters who are training other fish harvesters, what essential skills are and how to use modules. The guide is meant for the trainers to use on their own.