Essential Skills

The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) recognizes the learning challenges fish harvesters face due to the rapid advancement of technology in the fish harvesting industry. The evolution of the industry continues to require the adaptability of fish harvesters’ skills to succeed in the fishing industry.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) has defined nine essential skills that enable people to evolve with their job and adapt to workplace changes. These skills include: reading, writing, document use, numeracy, computer use, thinking, oral communication, working with others and continuous learning.

To help meet the new challenges that fish harvesters face, CCPFH has created an Essential Skills Program, a guide and an assessment tool.

About the Essential Skills Program

This program is ideal for facilitators who seek to help prepare or help upgrade skills to groups of fish harvesters. There are nine essential skills highlighted by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. This program concentrates on the five most required essential skills. They include reading, writing, document use, numeracy, computer use and thinking skills. The examples and the environment created in the four modules are specifically ones that fish harvesters can relate to.

The complete kit includes a participant guide, a facilitator guide for all four modules and a video and a Power Point presentation for the first module.

You can order the program through our Library or you can find out more about Essential Skills’ modules.

About the Essential Skills Assessment Tool

The Essential Skills Assessment Tool is also meant for any fish harvester but can also be used by facilitators to see where each individual fish harvesters’ strengths and weaknesses are with regards to essential skills. By using this tool it allows either the fish harvester or the program facilitators to see which modules within the Essential Skills Program would be most beneficial.

For more information on essential skills please visit Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

For more details visit Essential Skills Modules or to download the course.