Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator - System Requirements

To download the program you must be within Canada. Our system will go through an IP verification to validate your location.  Should you be in Canada and our validation system does not allow you to download the program please contact us by email at

The program is 1.7 GB. It is a large program and will take time to download. Those with dial-up may experience long delays.

To run the program your computer must meet the following requirements:

  • Dual Core Processor (2.66 GHz)
  • 1 GB RAM or 1000 MB RAM
  • Gaming class video card with 512 MB Video Memory
  • Audio output

How to check for requirements

In order to find this information on your computer:

  1. Click “Start” on the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

  2. Click "Run"

    You should now see the following window:

  3. Type “dxdiag” into the white box.

    Click “OK”. (Note: There may or may not be another dialog box that pops up that requires you to click “Yes” or “No”. If so, click “Yes”.)

    You should now see the following or similar window:

  4. Next, click on the “Display” tab on the top of this window.

    You should now see the following tab:

    The Video Card model is listed as “Name” and the amount of Memory is listed as “Approx. Total Memory”.

  5. When finished click “Exit”.