About the Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator

Safety Starts with Understanding

A vessel’s ability to remain floating and upright in all conditions of loading, unloading and operation, in all reasonably expected wave and weather conditions, is fundamental to a safe voyage.

Safety starts with knowing the fundamentals of vessel stability and understanding how your vessel can react, not just relying on experience or “feel of the boat”.

The fishing Vessel Stability Simulator guides you through the principles of vessel stability and allows you, through simulation technology, to see how the design of a vessel impacts its ability to withstand high winds, and different conditions of load.

Using this hands-on approach, you’ll learn how to assess a vessel’s stability and manage the risk before you even go to sea.

A Marine Simulator Built for Canadian Fish Harvesters

The Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator is the first simulator of its kind to demonstrate the principles of vessel stability to fish harvesters using a desktop computer.

The program is able to simulate fishing vessels up to 85 feet long and fishing operations that are typical of the major fisheries throughout Canada.

The program which is available in English and French, features 3D interactive simulations, gaming scenarios, video, vessel diagrams, animations, narration and a user’s guide. This unique approach to training provides a rich learning resource for fish harvesters to interact with the material, testing what they learn in simulated fishing operations.

Owners, masters and crew members can study at home at their own pace in a safe environment. The easy-to-use simulator is divided into six modules; guiding the user through more advanced safety and stability concepts and applying their knowledge in realistic, gaming exercises at each level. Fish harvesters will develop critical thinking skills and be able to analyze constantly changing stability conditions.

Training like You’ve Never Experienced

The Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator takes vessel stability training to a new level where 3D simulation allows you to experience the consequences of unsafe stability conditions immediately.

The simulator calculates stability and forces in real-time to demonstrate stability concepts in a physically accurate manner through 3D graphics, allowing you to make decisions, set activities and see results immediately.

Using a simple, easy-to-use interactive display, you begin by choosing a region of the country. Next, you select a “virtual” vessel resembling your own craft in fishing vessel size and operation. The simulator features a significant database of pan-Canadian hull types including a full range of small fishing vessels, small open boats, multiple deck and multi-purpose vessels.

You then reconfigure the vessel with different fishing gear arrangements and loads and investigate how these changes affect the vessel’s overall stability. You’ll also look at how activities such as loading, transferring, lifting weights and trawling affect the vessel’s stability.

With each exercise, you’ll be able to practice how to apply stability concepts to real-life situations and see how each decision can help prevent stability-related accidents and save lives.

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The FVSS program has been developed as an educational tool for fishing vessel stability management. THE FVSS DOES NOT REPLICATE STABILITY CONDITIONS WITH RESPECT TO YOUR SPECIFIC VESSEL AND IT SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON AS BEING REPRESENTATIVE OF ACTUAL CONDITIONS. The FVSS is an aid to stability training only. The FVSS program is also not intended to replicate or replace Transport Canada guidelines and regulations with respect to vessel stability, including the vessel’s Stability Book.