Stewards of the Sea

Building fisheries for the future
Understanding your markets

Stewards of the Sea is a CD broken down in to a two-part workshop that is devised to assist fish harvesters in developing effective, sustainable fish practices. It offers practical tools and innovative solutions to understanding how to expand new markets and develop market strategies. During this workshop fish harvesters will gain a better understanding of how to turn the challenges of sustainable fish harvesting into opportunities. The learning resources in this workshop are designed to develop better understanding of the market and offer information on how to incorporate the rules and regulations, while increasing the bottom line.

Part 1 -Protecting the Future of the Fisheries
This workshop concentrates on responsible fishing and includes three presentations:

  1. The Challenges We Face
  2. New Challenges
  3. Taking Control

Part 2 – Understanding Your Markets
This workshop concentrates on marketing and includes:

  1. The Value Chain
  2. Adding Value to the Chain
  3. Alternative Links in the Chain
  4. Marketing and Branding: Tools to Get More Value from Your Product

The CD can be ordered through our Library. You’ll need to provide us with your name and full mailing address to receive the CD.