Setting a New Course - CD

Phase II

The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters is pleased to release Setting a New Course, the first major study to deal exclusively with the economics and human resources needs of Canada’s independent owner-operator fishery.

This is also the first time that a major study of this nature has been carried out on behalf of the owner-operator industry itself.

Never before has the owner-operator fishery been examined in such detail or from this perspective. This study is long overdue. The owner-operator fishery is the largest and most productive sector of the fish harvesting industry; it lands the most valued products and provides the economic foundation for more than 1300 coastal and inland communities in Canada, and deserves special attention.

This CD also includes 21 appendices not available in the downloadable version. Examples of appendices are surveys, the fish harvester labour force, study reports, models, focus group findings and cases.



Release Date: 
May 2012
Product Type: 
Mail Order