The Future of Canada’s Commercial Fisheries

The period to give feedback to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans on “The Future of Canada’s Commercial Fisheries” document has now come to an end. Thank you for your interest in our feedback form.


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Object : The Future of Canada’s Commercial Fisheries

I am writing in response to the Department’s consultations on, “The Future of Canada’s Fisheries”.  For such a significant topic, it is extremely disappointing that so little opportunity has been provided to learn about the Department’s plans, and to comment on them.

It is also frustrating to find that the Department believes stability can be achieved without defining basic principles upon which the fishery of the future should be built.  After much discussion in recent years, I understood that the Department had committed itself to the Owner-Operator and Fleet Separation policies.  If our fishing communities are to remain strong and stable, they need a resource and employment base to rely upon. These policies which provide that base must be central to the fishery of the future, and should be supported by legislation.

Our fishing communities are very aware that the future presents us with many difficult challenges, and we have invested much time, money and effort in addressing them.  We need to know that our efforts are recognized and supported by the Department, not ignored and eroded by policy changes camouflaged in vague and misleading language.