Donald Assu

Donald Assu was born December 3, 1931 in Campbell River, British Columbia (B.C.). He is a life time member of the Native Brotherhood of B.C. and has been since 1942. He was locally educated in Cape Mudge and Heriot Bay and then later went to high school (Grade 11 & 12) at King Edward School in Vancouver.

Don married his wife Louise Sewid in 1958 and has 4 sons, 7 grandchildren and
4 great-grandchildren.

Don was also a life time fisherman until he retired in 2010 salmon season. He started out on a salmon troller in 1942, then crewed on the salmon seine boat BCP 45 from 1946 to 1957 with his father Harry Assu (The vessel was the back
of an old $5 bill which was in circulation between 1972 and 1986). 

During his fishing career, he operated and owned numerous seine vessels, namely Bruce Luck, W # 9, Western Brave and the Mary Isle, which is now operated by his son Patrick.

In addition to salmon fishing, he was involved in the old reduction herring fishery and then, from 1972 until 2010, he was involved in the Roe Herring fishery.

In the midst of fishing career, Don was the Band Manager for the Cape Mudge Band and did it for 38 years from 1958 until 1996.

In addition to his other duties and his fishing career, Don did find time to participate in the Commercial Industry Advisory Board and the South Coast Advisory Board.  Don became an Honorary Member of the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters in Halifax in 1997 at the first General Assembly of the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters.  Also in his spare time he and his brother Steve joined the local Shriners in 1983.
Lastly, Don was still involved until his passing with the local Nyumbalees Museum as their President and had been there since 1979. 
1- Donald Assu
2- The Mary Isle, owned by Donald and operated by his son Patrick
3- A large set of 25,000 sockeye in 2010