Social networking – Is it catching on in the fishing industry?

October 24, 2013

As the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) has expanded its communication work including the re-tuned website, a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account, and created an online newsletter in addition to existing communications, we wonder how you as a fish harvester, use social media. We imagine if you’re reading the blog you’re somewhat familiar with different types of social media and are fairly familiar with the internet and the different ways you can interact with others through the internet. However, if this happens to be your first time reading a blog we should say welcome! A blog is one of the easiest ways to get acquainted with the world of social media. It’s one of the simplest ways to interact with others online, next to email.

For business

We use social media as an additional way to contact fish harvesters directly. We have tons of programs and information. We’re a great resource and we want to make our resources available to you in any way possible.

We also recognize that social media can benefit you directly through the promotion of your business or through contact with other harvesters. For some, the promotion of your business may work while for others it may not. If you sell directly to a wholesaler you may not get a huge benefit from social media by putting your business name out there, however, by joining groups you might get to know information on upcoming regulation changes, a sale on bait, what’s happening outside of your area, a review on something you were thinking of buying, there’s plenty information to be had from social interactions on the internet.

We’d love to hear some examples of how you might have used social media with your business.

A good example of social interaction online to help harvesters is the program Thisfish which creates a connection between the fish harvester and the final customer. There’s been great feedback on the program. It’s a great marketing tool and it all works by putting a face on a product.

For pleasure

If you use social media for personal use do you ever look for fishing information on these networks? Would you find it handy to have the latest industry information on your Facebook or Twitter accounts?

We generally post daily during weekdays on Facebook, Twitter and on our website. We also post videos on YouTube fairly regularly. We try to make materials available that are best suited for social media. We want to keep you informed but we also like to share more informal things like jokes or funny pictures on social media. We also love that you can add things to our wall and give us feedback directly on things we post.

What’s your reasoning behind using Facebook? Have you ever thought about taking advantage of what it could offer?