Our Favourite Commercial Fishing Blogs

October 11, 2012

  The staff at the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) has put together a list of our favourite commercial fishing blogs. From fun stuff to serious fish harvesting business, we’ve selected the ones that keep us informed and entertained. There’s plenty out there, so don’t be shy to add to our list by commenting below. Corey’s Fishing News: An Alaskan fisherman and amazing photographer. Don’t be surprised if you look at your clock and an hour has flown by – time will certainly escape you as you marvel at his pictures and adventures. Alexandra Morton: American born marine biologist Alexandra Morton has a passion for her research on the impact salmon farms have on wild Canadian salmon.  Her blog is always informative. Highliners and Homecomings: Published author of articles in national Fisherman magazine and Pacific Fishing as well as her newly released book Captain of her Crew, Jen Karuza Schile is a regular blogger who writes about her family and the fishing industry.  She speaks openly about her life and recounts the interesting impact that life in the fishing industry has on everyday life. Ecotrust Canada: A non-profit organization whose purpose is to build the conservation economy in coastal BC and beyond. They are the CCPFH’s partner in the Thisfish program. Ecotrust Canada blogs about their programs as well as current issues that touches on conservation. Lobster Council of Canada: All that’s related to Canadian lobsters and the Canadian lobster industry. Their mandate is to enhance the value of the Canadian Lobster Sector in a sustainable fashion by addressing issues in the industry.