Just a quick peek at the CCPFH Resource Centre

January 9, 2013

Resource Centre

Many of you have never seen our organization’s office. We thought we’d run you through it quickly and highlight the room that would interest you most! Our office has several small rooms, our biggest room is a reception area, we also have a row of 5 offices, a small boardroom, and lastly a special area we call the “Resource Centre”.  This is the best place in the office! It’s probably also the most organized to be honest. The Resource Centre is filled from top to bottom with books, videos, binders, magazines, cds, dvds and other random objects that all make up the history of our organization and much of the history of fishing in Canada. 

This room is always filled with surprises. From interesting articles, to pictures of past members and pamphlets from successful past programs. Now and again, we re-familiarizing ourselves with its content, and as we do so we plan on posting all the interesting things we think you might want to have a look at.

Just recently we pulled out some old vhs video tapes circa 1996. The tapes talk about the beginning of professionalization in the fishing industry. The videos are excellent and we plan to make them available online through YouTube so you can have a peek at them too. 
We were wondering what kind of documents you might want to have online? What kind of information were you looking for when you originally came to our website? Did you find it? We would be happy to get you the documentation or information you’re looking for if you didn't find it on our online resource centre. Let us know!