Dauphin River, Manitoba - An Ice Fishing Adventure

April 30, 2012

Ice fishing in Dauphin River Manitoba

CCPFH along with Köbb Media visited Dauphin River Manitoba in February and got a rare glimpse of the technique used for commercial ice fishing in the area.

Helgi, Dale and Kris Einarsson welcomed us to their community and showed us what kind of fish they catch and how they catch it during the winter season. The community which normally has approximately 65 commercial fish harvesters has been in a state of evacuation for some time due to massive flooding but Helgi, Dale and Kris were happy to go out on the ice to show us how they do it.

We arrived at the tail end of the ice fishing season and almost missed it due to the abnormally nice weather! The temperature the first day out was gorgeous, almost 19 degrees and completely sunny although it was hard to tell just how sunny it was with all the steam rising up from the ice. The second day just as Dale describes in the video, was completely different, with high chilly winds. The winds were so strong that it made it difficult to maneuver around at times.

Follow us in this photo gallery as we ride along in a bombardier and skidoos, we watch this family drill holes in the ice, set nets and go back out to collect the nets and the fish!