Is Social Media Good for Your Business?

February 11, 2013

Social Media

What is Social Media?
Social media is online based tools that allow people to exchange ideas and information. While millions of tools exist the most popular of them all seem to be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and blogs. These tools were initially created to encourage networking between friends and family over distance however it has since become a business tool as well.

How Would It Help Me?
The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) has recently become present on social media networks adding Facebook, Twitter, a blog and Youtube to its suite of communication initiatives. While doing so we’ve noticed that a number of fish harvesters have also taken advantage of social media to help them with their business.

While many companies use social media accounts to promote themselves to their consumers, the use by fish harvesters generally tends to be somewhat different although a great example of fish harvester to consumer connections and promotion is ThisFish.  ThisFish connects the end consumer with the fish harvester who caught the fish through a website. The consumer can visit the website and access information about the harvester and about their purchase as well as connect directly to them by leaving messages for the harvester to read. In turn the harvester can connect with the consumer.

Having had the opportunity to participate in online social networking CCPFH has noticed that a number of fish harvesters are active on Facebook, forming local groups. The harvesters use social media to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry and to help them with their businesses.

There are daily exchanges of information such as prices for catch, an example of this is when a harvester manages to get a higher price for his catch and helps others out by letting them know who was willing to offer it and how to contact them. The groups are also used to post equipment and supplies for sale.

Fish Harvester organizations such as ours are also forming groups to keep connected with its members, to announce meetings and share the newest resources and information such as recent articles on fish harvesting issues. Of course there are continuous conversations about issues in the fish industry as well as issues on local levels.

The Big Advantage
There’s an exchange of information from region to region happening now, giving fish harvesters an advantage that was difficult to achieve before, unification on issues though communication.  Harvester groups are connecting with outside areas and finding out about solutions, ideas and experiences in other areas, hoping to resolve problems and bettering the industry.

We are reaching out to fish harvesters across the country and we’re hoping you’ll connect with us by joining our social network.

Twitter: @CCPFH-CCPP