Join Our Vision

May 15, 2013

Join Our Vision

The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) is realeasing another video from its Canadian fisheries series. This video showcases the CCPFH’s work. In keeping with the style of the previous videos it portrays its work through images of Canadian fish harvesters. The video can now be seen on CCPFH’s website and on Youtube at:

“Our work is best depicted by fish harvesters engaged in their work, we’ve just added a bit of narration” said John Sutcliffe, Executive Director of the CCPFH. “We want to reignite interest in the industry as a career and also to reacquaint Canadians with the value this industry brings to our country.”

The video shows the ups and downs of the Canadian fisheries over the years and the actions the CCPFH has taken to help protect the fisheries and to help those in the industry prosper. The video is narrated by two CCPFH Directors, Rory McLellan and Jean Lanteigne, people directly linked to the fishing industry.

“In our other videos, we wanted to connect consumers with fish harvesters and give them a better understanding of the industry, the challenges, the responsibilities and the pride fish harvesters have in their work,” said John Sutcliffe. “This video reflects the CCPFH’s work and is more of a connection with our members, Canadian fish harvesters.”

The videos are part of a project being funded by the Government of Canada and is being produced by Kobb Media for the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters.