Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator Available

November 26, 2012

Stability simulator

The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters and the Fisheries and Marine Institute have recently made the Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator (FVSS) available to the public. It is currently available on our website and will be officially launched later this year.

The FVSS is the first simulator of its kind to demonstrate the fundamental principles of the vessel stability using a desktop computer. The ultimate goal is to provide fish harvesters, throughout Canada, with the means to learn the concepts of fishing vessel stability, apply them to virtual vessels and subsequently save lives.

Available in English and French, the simulation software features 3D interactive simulations, gaming scenarios, video, vessel diagrams, animations, narration and a user’s guide. This unique approach to training provides a rich learning resource for fish harvesters to interact with the material, testing what they learn in simulated fishing operations.

Owners, masters and crewmembers can study at home at their own pace in a safe environment. The easy-to-use simulator is divided into six modules; guiding the user through more advanced safety and stability concepts and applying their knowledge in realistic, gaming exercises at each level. Fish harvesters will develop critical thinking skills and be able to analyze constantly changing stability conditions. The program is able to simulate fishing vessels up to 85 feet long and fishing operations that are typical of the major fisheries throughout Canada.

The multimedia content, user interface and simulation scenarios were produced by Memorial University’s Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS) and the Marine Institute’s Centre for Marine Simulation.

The final product is now available for download here.  It will support use by independent learners and by groups in formal training settings with professional facilitators. Users will also be able to provide feedback on the use and effectiveness of the program.