Fish Harvesters Ready to Create One Voice

April 10, 1995

Professional fish Harvesters are building an organization to represent their interests nationally. The founding convention of the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) is set for Charlottetown from April 21 to 23. Information sessions on the new group are set for the week of April 9.

At the convention, fishermen from across Canada are expected to establish the structure of the new organization by discussing and adopting their constitution. They will set a strategic plan to promote the harvesters’ perspective on fisheries issues.

The information sessions will help set the tone for the convention. They will include discussions of what a national organization can do and its structure. These sessions will take place in communities in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on April 9-10-11 and in British Columbia on April 12.

"For years, fish harvesters have been balkanized. But now we face the same issues, no matter where we are," said François Poulin, CCPFH president. "We must work together to present a common and credible voice. It’s not just our livelihoods that are on the line. The future of our communities is at stake."

Creation of the new group comes at a time of questions about the future shape of Canada’s fishing industry. Harvesters have already drawn on their expertise to provide effective and practical answers.

The fish harvesters plan for renewal of the Atlantic fishery, "CREATING NEW WEALTH FROM THE SEA" was released in March. It demonstrated the importance of fishery to Canada’s economy. Almost all of its proposed policies for a renewed fishery earned consensus support at the recent Round Table on the Future of the Atlantic Fishery.

The Council is the first national organization representing fish harvesters. It is the result of unprecedented cooperation by fishermen’s groups across Canada.

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