Council News

  • The numbers just keep rising
    CCPFH YouTube channelJuly 20, 2017
    On May 27, 2012, the CCPFH reached out to fish harvesters across the country in an exciting new way. We launched a video series on YouTube. The videos were of fish harvesters, the work they do, the... Read More
  • Study points to labour force as key to revitalizing fishing industry
    Shrimp net settingNovember 1, 2016
    On November 24, 2014, the CCPFH announced the beginning of a major study on the skill needs and labour supply challenges in coastal communities where seasonal fisheries are essential to the economy.... Read More
  • CCPFH Hits One Million YouTube Views
    Image of the CCPFH YouTube ChannelSeptember 9, 2015
    The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) reached a milestone on Social Media this week with over one million views on its YouTube channel. CCPFH believes the success of the series... Read More
  • Passing of Don Assu
    Donald AssuJuly 23, 2015
    It is with a heavy heart that the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvester (CCPFH) shares the sad news of the passing of Donald Assu on July 21st, 2015 after a brief illness. The CCPFH has... Read More
  • Sockeye Stock Studies and Policies
    Salmon fishing aboard Joshua Duncan's vesselDecember 1, 2014
    This year set out to be a good year for commercial Fraser River sockeye fishing in Canada. Forecasts indicated 21 million to as many as 70 million sockeye returning to the river.  The final... Read More
  • Thorough Analysis of Fishing Industry Labour Force Issues
    Fish harvester at workNovember 24, 2014
    A major study is underway in rural coastal regions across Canada. The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) has embarked on a two and a half year study. It will document skill... Read More
  • A Fisherman For All Seasons
    September 16, 2014
    Welcome to our series of articles wherein we interview some fascinating people in the fish harvesting industry and get to find out more about them.   The Canadian Council of Professional Fish... Read More
  • Portrait of Newfoundland Shrimp Fishing
    April 9, 2014
    The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters is releasing the last video of its fish harvesters across Canada series. This last video follows Dwight, Chad and Ashley Spence and Wade Rumbolt... Read More
  • Planning Fish Harvesters Marine Safety Training
    Report cover pageMarch 27, 2014
    The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) conducted a study with active participation from fish harvesters and CCPFH member associations, certification boards, fishery schools,... Read More
  • A Note from Josh Duncan
    May 28, 2013
    European Seafood Exposition; Brussels 2013 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pass along some thoughts and comments on my participation on behalf of the B.C. Salmon Marketing Council; in the... Read More
  • Planning Fish Harvester Marine Safety Training
    May 27, 2013
    Transport Canada Regulatory Training Needs Assessment In 2011, the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) requested a study in order to assess the training requirements of the... Read More
  • Join Our Vision
    Join our vision - screen captureMay 15, 2013
    The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) is realeasing another video from its Canadian fisheries series. This video showcases the CCPFH’s work. In keeping with the style of... Read More
  • Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator Receives Award
    Merit AwardMay 9, 2013
    The Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator has recently received an award from the Canadian Network for Innovations in Education (CNIE) at their 2013 conference. The award was presented to John Sutcliffe... Read More
  • Salmon Fishing in the Skeena
    Tom ChipmanMarch 4, 2013
     The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) has covered many east coast fisheries but now the spotlight shifts to the west coast, where Christine and Tom Chipman fish from... Read More
  • In the Spot Light - Honourary Board Member Richard Cashin
    Richard CashinFebruary 12, 2013
    Every three years, the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) holds an General Assembly, during that Assembly one remarkable individual who has made a significant impact on the... Read More