CCPFH Hits the Road - Yarmouth Bound

January 24, 2013

Yarmouth Trade Show

The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) went to Yarmouth for the Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition on February 8th and 9th.  The CCPFH shared a booth along with ThisFish and the Marine Institute. 

“The CCPFH is happy to attend a fish expo once again. It’s been a few years and we’re eager to be handing out some of the innovative training materials that we’ve created over the years to help fish harvesters,” said John Sutcliffe, Executive Director of the CCPFH. “We’re sharing a booth with organizations that have partnered with us on some of the bigger projects in recent years. We’re sure we’ll have something that will interest all.”

The booth was filled with information on several of the CCPFH materials as well as demonstrations of the new Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator program. We also had a section dedicated to information about ThisFish, the seafood tagging system that connects consumers to fish harvesters.

Doors opened from 10 am until 5 pm both days.