CCPFH Hits One Million YouTube Views

September 9, 2015

Image of the CCPFH YouTube Channel

The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) reached a milestone on Social Media this week with over one million views on its YouTube channel. CCPFH believes the success of the series is due to its candid view of the industry and use of real fish harvesters speaking honestly about the challenges they face. 

The video project developed into series about fish harvesters across Canada – the excitement of being on the water, the fears of failure and the difficulties the industry faces.  No other video series on YouTube exposes the true reality of fish harvesting in Canada like the series that was created by Köbb Media for the CCPFH.

 “We had two objectives for our videos. Our first was to connect with people who may not be very familiar with the Canadian fishing industry by sharing stories about fish harvesters, their community and how seafood makes its way to the consumer’s plate. We wanted to show the value our industry brings to the Canadian economy” said Pierre Verreault, Executive Director of the CCPFH. “Our second goal was to reach out to fish harvesters to let them know about the products, studies and work the CCPFH does to promote a healthy fish harvesting industry in Canada. As we filmed and interviewed fish harvesters it could not have been clearer that the CCPFH’s work has always been aligned with the views of the fish harvesting industry in Canada. From our work on Professionalization, to sustainability, to assisting fish harvesters with their daily business needs, all of this was echoed by the harvesters we followed.”

None of the videos were scripted. It was simply a filming crew following fish harvesters from different regions of Canada as they woke up before the sun rose, prepared themselves for the day, met up with their fellow crew members and set off for a hard day’s work. The harvesters were kind enough to spare some additional time in their day to answer our questions about their fishing methods and the ups and downs of working in the fish harvesting industry.

“We reached out to over a million people worldwide about the Canadian fishing industry and about CCPFH work. The series is beautiful and we always expected it to do well but it far exceeded our expectations. The videos were even included in several film festivals.” said Christine Guay, Communications Coordinator at the CCPFH. “We hope every fish harvester in Canada gets a chance to see these videos and to access all that the CCPFH has to offer.”

If you haven’t seen the video series yet visit our YouTube channel at: