Ronnie Heighton

First Vice-Chair

Gulf of Nova Scotia Fleet Planning Board (GNSFPB)

Association Description: 
The Gulf of Nova Scotia Fleet Planning Board (GNSFP) is an organization that examines broad based issues and common concerns in the Gulf area. It looks at ways to improve the area’s fishery including the creation of programs.  

Title within the organization:

His Experience:
Mr. Heighton has been the Vice-President for the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) for the past 3 terms. He is a long standing board member of the CCPFH. He is the President of the Gulf of Nova Scotia Fleet Planning Board as well as the Northumberland Fishermen’s Association. For over 25 years he has participated in multiple Gulf of Nova Scotia area species advisory committees.

Membership to Other Organizations:
The Northumberland Fishermen’s Association belongs to the Lobster Council of Canada

Mr. Heighton works along with harbour authorities and has done volunteer work for the Northumberland Fisheries Museum.

Short Biography:
Mr. Heighton has almost 50 years fishing experience fishing lobster, herring and fished ground fish for over 30 years.  He has a Fishing Master IV and has taken several courses in leadership and communication. He has also volunteered to be part of the Technical Advisory Committee for the recently released Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator program, a program meant to enhance the safety of fish harvesters across Canada.