Council Structure

The Board of Directors

A Board of Directors with representatives from principal fish harvesting organization leads the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH). The Board is nominated by the members to represent the group as a whole. They come from and represent different regions.  Each province with fish harvesting organizations may have up to 2 representatives in addition to a First Nations representative for the Atlantic, Pacific and Central/Arctic Region.

The Board meets on a quarterly basis. When necessary, committees are formed to support the Board’s plans and to work on specific issues.

View the list of our Board of Directors.

Committees and Working Groups

CCPFH’s committees and working groups have varied over the years. When issues arise, the Board of Directors assign a committee and members to tackle the specific issue. These committees may be on-going or may be short-term depending on the issue. The current committees that exist are:

  • Health and Safety Committee
    • Health and Safety Working Group
  • Communications Committee
  • International Affairs Committee
  • Fisheries Co-Management Working Group
  • By-laws/Constitution Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
    • Human Resources Working Group

For more details on our organization you can view our Organizational Chart (pdf) or check out our Board of Directors and Council Members pages.