Council News

  • The numbers just keep rising
    CCPFH YouTube channel On May 27, 2012, the CCPFH reached out to fish harvesters across the country in an exciting new way. We launched a video series on YouTube. The videos were of fish harvesters, the work they do, the... Read More
  • Study points to labour force as key to revitalizing fishing industry
    Shrimp net setting On November 24, 2014, the CCPFH announced the beginning of a major study on the skill needs and labour supply challenges in coastal communities where seasonal fisheries are essential to the economy.... Read More
  • CCPFH Hits One Million YouTube Views
    Image of the CCPFH YouTube Channel The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) reached a milestone on Social Media this week with over one million views on its YouTube channel. CCPFH believes the success of the series... Read More
  • Passing of Don Assu
    Donald Assu It is with a heavy heart that the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvester (CCPFH) shares the sad news of the passing of Donald Assu on July 21st, 2015 after a brief illness. The CCPFH has... Read More
  • Sockeye Stock Studies and Policies
    Salmon fishing aboard Joshua Duncan's vessel This year set out to be a good year for commercial Fraser River sockeye fishing in Canada. Forecasts indicated 21 million to as many as 70 million sockeye returning to the river.  The final... Read More